Plunket Privacy Statement

The information you provide in this form is being collected by the Royal NZ Plunket Society to enable you to participate in a free Pregnancy and Parenting Programme. The information you have provided may be used by the Royal NZ Plunket Society to inform the District Health Board for reporting and funding purposes of the course. Under the Privacy Act 1993 you have the right to have access to all information held about yourself, and to request correction of that information. To request access to, or correction of, any of your personal information collected for the above purposes, please contact: Plunket Privacy Officer, at

Storage, access to, and correction of, your information:

  • Your own information is required to be accurate relevant, up-to-date and complete.
  • Plunket is required to protect your information against loss and unauthorised access, use, modification, or disclosure.
  • The information collected about you on this form, by facilitators during the course and during further follow-up parenting support will be stored in locked filing cabinets at Plunket premises. Information stored electronically is encrypted and password protected.
  • You have the right to access your own information at any time, but may be required to provide proof of identify. You do not have to give a reason for requesting this information.
  • You may ask for your information to be corrected if necessary, and you can expect Plunket staff to provide you with reasonable assistance in this regard. If it is not appropriate for the correction to be made, you may request a note to be attached to you information regarding your request.