Pregnancy and parenting education programme (PPE) 

We have partnered with the Parents Centre Aotearoa to bring you these interactive antenatal classes in Ashburton. They are shaped to give you the information you want and need for pregnancy, labour, and life as a new parent in a supportive, safe, non-judgemental environment. We also set up your coffee group so that you have on-going support and friendship!

We will continue to offer Canterbury District Health Board-funded spaces, for Community Services Card holders and people who meet other eligibility criteria. Alternatively, the cost for the classes is $200.

If cost is a barrier for you or there are other challenges to accessing these classes, please email for support to attend these classes free of charge.

Antenatal classes follow the Ministry of Health’s recommendations for pregnancy and parenting education, and each class is run by qualified facilitators.

Topics covered include:

  • labour and birth
  • stages of labour
  • choices during and after birth
  • pain relief options
  • infant feeding, and
  • newborn care.
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